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Online CertifiCatiOn Course in “Renewable Energy Development including Grid Integration and Energy storage system

Starting Date : 30th January 2023 (Duration 65 Hours)

Government of India has set targets to reduce India’s total projected carbon emission by 1 billion tonnes by 2030, reduce the carbon intensity of the nation’s economy by less than 45% by the end of the decade, achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2070 and expand India’s renewable energy installed capacity to 500 GW by 2030.

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National Tutorial on Electric Safety and Accident Prevention - Practice and Standards

Date : 15-16 Feb. 2023

Why is Electricity safety is so important & Hazards and risks from Electricity  Statistics for electrical accidents, types of accidents and injuries, common causes of accidents and injuries, employer duties  Fundamentals of Electrical safety  Introduction of Earth and Grounding system  Effect of current passing through the human body and safety requirements  Fundamentals of Ground Grid Design  Ground Grid Design Procedures  Example Design from IEEE Standard 80  Safety Aspects of Ground Grid Operation and Maintenance  Effects of High Fault Currents, Damage or Failure of Grounding Equipment, recommendations  Grounding of Distribution Systems  Grounding and Over voltages in Distribution Systems  High-Resistance Grounding of Distribution Systems  Electrical accidents and dangerous occurrences  Basic safety precautions & Safety procedures and methods and more.....

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Workshop on Energy Management, Energy Conservation and Energy Audit

Date : 9th – 10th February 2023

TOPICS TO BE COVERED The topics to be covered in the Workshop are as follows:  Energy Scenario Updates  Key Thrust areas of Energy Conservation Act 2001  Energy Efficiency Data Analysis  Energy Management System ISO 50001  Measurement and Verification of Energy Performance of Organization  Best Practices & Technology  Best Practices in Building Energy Management  Renewable Energy Technologies and Applications  Energy Audit Instrument  Software and Simulation for Energy Auditing  Energy Efficiency in Compressor, Motor, Pump, Cooling Tower, Processes etc.  DSM – Demand Side Management  Power Factor, ToU, Night Consumption, Electricity Duty etc.  Load Curve / Aspects in the Energy Management  Energy Bill Analysis  Energy Saving Tips in Domestic, Commercial and Agriculture Sectors  System Approach towards Energy Conservation  BEE and EESL Contribution towards Energy Conservation  Audio – visual show on Energy Conservation  Case Studie

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National Conference on Failure of Major Equipment’s of Sub Station - Case Studies (Under the aegis of CIGRE NSC B3 on Substations)

Date : 23rd – 24th February 2023, Venue : Conference Hall, CBIP, New Delh

TOPICS TO BE COVERED BUT NOT LIMITED TO: The conference is aimed to have discussions on learning‟s from various failures and the improvements which have been taken up in design, construction, erection, operation and maintenance, storage and disposal (Complete life cycle). The discussion during the conference is also aimed to increase asset longevity and security. Participants may discuss the best practices which have been adopted as a part of their asset management plan. The aspects of condition monitoring, digitalization, asset management and data analytics which are now being adopted by many utilities may also be deliberated during the event. Power system and equipment‟s work in tandem, it is very vital to also know the right system parameters to have efficient working of the power apparatus / equipment

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International Conference on Latest Trends & Innovations in Insulated Cables and Overhead Lines (Under the aegis of CIGRE NSC B1 on Insulated Cables and B2 on Overhead Lines)

Date: 9th – 10th March 2023 Venue : Hotel Le Meridian, New Delhi (India)

TOPICS The Conference over two days will cover following topics but not limited to:
Day 1 (9th March 2023): Global Trends & Innovations on Insulated Cables
• Cable Systems (System and design engineering, Product, Specifications & Installation) • Safe, Reliable & Efficient Power Transmission with EHV Power Cable Systems • The Challenges & Recommendations in EHV Power Cable System • Technical and Environmental Issues regarding the integration of a new cable system in the Network • Maintenance for Power Cables and Accessories • Case Studies
Day 2 (10th March 2023): Global Trends & Innovations on Over Head Lines • Design & construction of overhead lines – innovations, new technologies • Asset management strategies, technologies & methods • Challenges from renewable integration and energy transition • Uprating & upgrading of lines; optimal use of right of way • New generation conductors; super conductor lines • Impact of climate change and environmental aspects of overhead lines • Life assessment; renovation & modernisation of existing overhead lines • Electricity and communication infrastructure

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Hands-on Training on Power System Network Study and Analysis,

15th– 17th March 2023 CBIP Conference Hall, New Delhi

TOPICS The Conference over two days will cover following topics but not limited to:
Introduction to Power System Network Study  Power Flow study and analysis  Short circuit Study and analysis  Harmonic Flow study and analysis  Protection Relay coordination study  Geomagnetic Induced Current Study  Software – Commercial software & open source software available in the market  Hands-on practices on examples of IEEE bus and other practical models for the studies mentioned in brochure

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6th Best Practices Study Tour and International Workshop on Agri PV Plants, RE Grid Integration and Green Hydrogen

Date: 15th – 17th March 2023 Venue: Hotel Fairfield by Marriott, Jodhpur

TOPICS The objectives of the Best Practices Study Tour Program are to:
 Provide the DISCOMS/Developers/STUs and other stakeholders and opportunity to share their experiences,and success stories and learn from the experiences of others.  Discuss the important issues faced by the EPC contractors of Agri PV management and agricultural products and services, as well as yields and productivity.  Discuss the regulatory and financial mechanisms required to provide the impetus of Agri-PV Plant, RE Grid Integration and Green Hydrogen.  Learn the latest GH2 and GNH3 technologies and processes and help in the development of strategic plans at the state level or company level and contribute to the net Zero blueprints.  Create a network of professionals working in the ―Agri PV and GH2 and GNH3‖ domain.

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National Conference Cyber Security Challenges for Power Grid & Smart Grid Networks

31st March – 1st April 2023, Venue: Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati

TOPICS Various topics to be deliberated during this conference but not limited to, are as under :
• Fundamentals concepts of Cyber security. • Cyber security of information and communication technology (ICT) Introduction of ICS and OT. • Difference between ICS, OT and IT. • Critical & Non-Critical Infrastructures. • Threats to power grid and smart grid. • Anatomy of cyber-attack on power grid and smart .grid • Cyber kill chain for IT and OT and their differences • Cyber Security Issues in Substation Automation -IEC 61850. • Cyber Security International Standards for Power Sector. • Global Cyber Security incidents in Power Sector • CEA Guidelines for Cyber Security in Power Sector,2021 • Cyber security for critical assets • Case study

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