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8th International R&D Conference on Global Trends in Water Resources, Power & RE Sectors

Water Resources and Energy are core sectors that play a vital role in the economic development of a country and for improving the living standard of its people. Notwithstanding the considerable progress made by India in the twin sectors of water and energy since independence, there are still many areas, which need special attention, while there may be others which need continuous monitoring to study the results of implementation of new technologies. To meet the increasing demand of the people in terms of both the quality and quantity of water and power supply, it is necessary that managerial and technological improvements are made continuously to fully utilize the infrastructure already developed, in addition to further harnessing of the available resources

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06th Month Post Gradute Diploma Course in enewable Energy Development including Grid Integration and Energy Storage Syste

By 2022, wind energy is estimated to contribute 60 Gigawatt (GW), followed by solar power at 100 GW, and biomass and hydropower at 15 GW. The target for renewable energy has been increased to 175 GW by 2022.Total installed capacity of power stations in India stood at 388.83 GW as of Sep. 2021.

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Online Certification Course in "Renewable Energy Development including Grid Integration and Energy Storage System

Starting Date : 26th September 2022 (Duration 65 Hours)

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13th National Conference on Earthing Systems : Venue: CBIP Conference Hall Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Date : 17– 18 October 2022

CBIP has now again taken initiative to organise this National Conference on “Earthing Systems” on 17-18 October 2022 with the aim to update the knowledge of professionals about the current techniques in Earthing Systems and to discuss the various problems related thereto. Proceedings of this conference will also help the professionals in improving the performance and reliability of electrical power system, which is the need of the hour.

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National Conference on Energy Storage including Pumped Storage - Opportunities and Challenge

Date : 4th-5th Nov. 2022

The topics to be discussed in the Conference are as follows: • Energy Storage – Need; Urgency; Time Frame; Quantum • Technologies & Its Application – Quality; Reliability; Flexibility; Safety & Protection • Capacity Building including Training - O&M Aspects • Policy & Regulations for Grid Scale Energy Storage • Investment and Markets • Issues & Challenges • Pump Storage : Potential; Clearances Involved; Site Selection; Its Life; Case Studies

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National Conference Challenges in Distribution Sector and its Mitigations

Date : 10-11 Nov. 2022

The Government has an ambitious program to create a reliable distribution mechanism to provide affordable and consistent electricity supply to all the citizens including the key sectors like agriculture, manufacturing and services to ensure healthy and continued economic growth. Weakest link in the power system value chain is distribution sector. DISCOMs (power distribution companies) have accumulated operational losses. High AT&C losses continue to remain the key factor for their weak financial position. Despite concerted efforts, trajectory of AT&C loss reduction has been gradual. DISCOMs continue to incur losses on each unit of power sold and resort to load shedding to manage demand and minimize losses resulting in suppressed demand. Due to legacy issues, they are trapped in a vicious cycle of debt trap. While technical losses can be minimized by using upgraded technology but reducing commercial losses would need adoption of multipronged strategy particularly in view of fact that there is lot of theft of power in the system

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