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International Association for Small Hydro

Existing Members

About the association

The International Association for small hydro was formed in the year september 1994 with headquarters at New Delhi. The Association will draw its member from all countries who are associated with eminent engineers in the field of small hydro . The objective of the Association are :

Promotion of research, planning, consulting on construction, operation of small hydro including Mini and Micro.

To provide a suitable forum to the specialists planners, designers, manufacturer and users for interaction on latest development of SHP sector through organising workshops and international conferences

To provide an information service by publishing course material/manuals/conference proceeding/half yearly news letters etc.

Managing Director,
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited,
New Delhi

Vice President
Zhang Boting
Secretary General
Intrnational Liaison Office
Chinese Society of Electricity Power Engineering
Beijing, China

Secretary General Shri V.K. Kanjlia
International Association from Small Hydro (IASH)
CBIP Building
Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021
Tel. : 91-11-26115984 / 26882866
Fax. : 91-11-26116347
E-mail : iash@iash.info


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