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02 Days International Conference On “Cyber Security challenges for Power Grid & Smart Grid Networks”

•Various topics to be deliberated during this conference but not limited to areas under:
•Fundamentals concepts of Cyber security
•Cyber security of information and communication technology (ICT) Introduction of ICS and OT
•Difference between ICS, OT and IT
•Critical & Non-Critical Infrastructures
•Threats to power grid and smart grid
•Anatomy of cyber-attack on power grid and smart grid
•Cyber kill chain for IT and OT and their differences
•Cyber Security Issues in Substation Automation -IEC 61850
•Cyber Security International Standards for Power Sector
•Global Cyber Security incidents in Power Sector
•CEA Guidelines for Cyber Security in Power Sector, 2021
•Cyber security for critical assets
•Case study

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8th International R&D Conference on Global Trends in Water Resources, Power & RE Sectors

Date: 08-09 February 2024, Venue: IIT Roorkee, India

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International Conference on Transmission & Distribution Equipment’s

Date: 22 - 23 Feb. 2024 , Venue: Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi (India)

The main topics of interest include but are not limited to the following subject :
PS1 : Lifetime Management of Transmission & Distribution Equipment • Diagnostics and prognostics of equipment. • Incorporation of intelligence into AC and DC equipment. • Influence of environmental and operating conditions. • Premature failures & their prevention in instrument transformers • Experience and countermeasures for over-stresses and overload. • Case study PS2 : Impact of Distributed Renewable Generation and Storage on Transmission & Distribution Equipment • New and emerging technologies for switching devices and other equipment. • Impacts of distributed renewable energy sources and energy storage on equipment requirements. • Trends and solutions for modular, prefabricated and quick assembly substations • Renovation, refurbishment, expansion and up-rating of substations • Measures to improve reliability. • Case study PS3 : Future Developments of Transmission & Distribution Equipment • Requirements for DC equipment for multi-terminal HVDC grids. • Designing Distribution equipment ready for the future. • Developments of equipment with reduced environmental impact. • Switching with SF6 alternatives, equipment with new materials. • New and emerging technologies for switching devices and other equipment. • Case study

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International Conference on Grid Stability with Enhanced Penetration of Renewables - Technical Challenges & Regulatory Frame Work

Date: 11 - 12 Jan. 2024 , VENUE:: Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi

TOPICS • The broad topics to be covered in the technical sessions are: (i) Technical challenges (ii) Impact of Cost involvement in Operation (iii) Support through Regulatory Frame work (iv) Balancing of Grid with enhanced penetration

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