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International Association for Small Hydro

How to become Member

The International Association for Small Hydro (IASH) is an international forum of experts & organizations engaged in the various technical activities related to the field of Small Hydro projects development the world over, through various publication & seminars etc. The Association was formed in the year September 1994 with headquarters at New Delhi. The Association will draw its member from all countries that are associated with eminent engineers in the field of Small Hydro.

Membership of the Association is open to all countries connected with the Small Hydropower including Mini and Micro. Following are the categories of membership:

    1. Institutional Member

    2. Individual Member

Individual membership is open to any person engaged in planning, design and construction of small hydro and who is a graduate in engineering or science or with equivalent qualifications.

Institutional membership is open to Organizations and Institutions which are involved in planning, design, construction and execute, manufacturing of equipment for small hydro;

For registration, please fill out the registration form and mail to us cbip@cbip.org;
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