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International Geosynthetics Society (India)


In the year 1985, Central Board of Irrigation and Power, (CBIP) as part of its technology forecasting activities identified geosynthetics as an important area relevant to India’s need for infrastructure development, including roads. The CBIP, since its inception in 1927, is engaged in the dissemination of information regarding recent technological advancements in the twin disciplines of water resources and power. Besides, it provides a forum for exchange of experiences, facilitating flow of technology through the organisation of symposia, seminars, workshops, training courses both at national as well international levels, in liaison with international organisations.

After approval of IGS Council for the formation of Indian Chapter in October 1988, the Indian Chapter of IGS was got registered Societies Registration Act 1860 of India in June 1992 as the Committee for International Geotextile Society (India). The Chapter has since been renamed as International Geosynthetics Society (India), in view of the parent body having changed its name from International Geotextiles Society to International Geosynthetics Society.
Associated Bodies
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