Central Board of Irrigation and Power Central Board of Irrigation and Power - An ISO 9001 - 2000 Company Eight Decades of Service to the Nation

Area of Consultancy

Engineering Consultancy

  • CBIP has a team of senior experts with vast experience of more than 30 yeas in various fields of water Resources and power.In addition ,CBIP has a large panel of experts is these fields.

  • CBIP has a team of senior experts with vast experience of more than 30 yeas in various fields of water Resources and power.In addition ,CBIP has a large panel of experts is these fields.

  • CBIP is a ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.

  • CBIP has been regularly providing consultancy services.

  • It has provided consultancy services to Tatas ,KPCL, WPC, Australia ,APSEB,TNEB, IREDA, India Canada Environment Facility(ICEF) etc.

  • CBIP is providing consultancy services particularly in the following areas:

Hydro/Multipurpose Projects

  • Identification of Techno-economically attractive hydro projects in states.

  • Preparation of pre-feasibility, feasibility and detailed project report (DPR) for small, medium and large projects.

  • Environmental audits and assessments, hydrology site remediation, regulatory compliance.

  • Clearance of PFR's & DPR's from concerned authorities.

  • Renovation,modernization and up rating.

  • Technical Audit Of Hydropower Plants in operation.

  • Carbon Finance.

  • Power purchase agreements (PPA)/MoU.

  • Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals.

  • Manpower planning and Development of Training Schedule for O&M personnel.

  • Energy Auditing & Energy Conservation,

  • Inventory/Assets/Spare Parts Management.

  • RCC Dam technology for which an MoU has been signed with MMTEC.

Montitoring of Projects

  • Irrigation,Hydel Projects, CAD Programme funded by AIBP, World Bank and International agencies.

  • R&R work for Irrigation Power and Multipurpose projects.

  • Dm safety programme.

  • Up gradation of existing dams.

Ground Water

  • Geophysical investigation for solving engineering and geological, geotechnical,engineering ground water and environmental problems innovative geo[physical solutions to near- surface geological problems.

  • High resolution sub-surface imaging.

  • Ground water modeling and GIS

Soil and Construction Material Testing

  • Soil and ground water investigation and remediation risk assessment, environmentral assessments and impact statements.

  • Soil and ground water remediation.

  • Soil/rock properties, ground, improvement, infrastructure, foundations, earth structures and construction observations.

  • Laboratory testing services and forensic engineering services.

  • Construction material testing, geo-environmenatal studies.

  • Environment site assessment, geotechnical engineering, construction material testing, drilling and coring services.

  • Automated laboratory testing, field instrumentation ,geotechnical consulting and expert with ness services.

  • Mechanical, physical and chemical properties testing services for soils, rock, geo-suynthetics and other geo-materials.

  • Geotechnical measurements, slope stabilization foundations and retaining structures.

Model Methodologies

  • Numerical modeling and analysis for dam, powerhouses, underground excavations.

  • Non destructive testing for concrete, RCC, prestressed concrete and steel.

  • Technical service for soil improvement technologies,such as wick drains stone, columns, vibroflotation and Geosynthetices Reinforcement.

Associated Bodies
World Water Council International Society for Rock Mechanics (INDIA) AITES World Tunnel Congress International Association on Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution International Geosynthetics Society (India). Society of Power Engineers (India) International Council on Large Electric Systems International Association for Small Hydro International Water Resources Association International Commission on Large Dams