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About Training

  • CBIP is planning to establish a training institute on two plots already allotted by HUDA at gurgaon for conducting training programmes on regular basis with residential facilities.

  • The Board has organized a number of national and international training programmes to help the india engineers to update their knowledge and dgain practical know how in adoption of the latest techniques in both water resources and power fields.

  • Recently, CBIP has organized training programme on sustainable management of ground water in Rajasthan. more such programmes are plannes to be organized for Rajathan , Haryana, Mizoram and many other organizations.

  • Tutorial on the following topics have been organized in the recent past.

  •    - Protection and Controls
       - AC / DC harmonice and filters
       - Planning aspects of HVDC and facts
       - Life management techinques for transformers
       - Six sigma in power industries

  • Application of geosynthetics.

  • Four programmes for capacity building and training programmes for different stakeholders in India‚Äôs hydropower sector are being organized at various places across the country with support of us.

  • Hydropower Council for International Development.

  • Training programme regarding hydro power, including field visit for two batches of 60 newly recruited executive of NTPC was organized by CBIP.

Associated Bodies
World Water Council International Society for Rock Mechanics (INDIA) AITES World Tunnel Congress International Association on Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution International Geosynthetics Society (India). Society of Power Engineers (India) International Council on Large Electric Systems International Association for Small Hydro International Water Resources Association International Commission on Large Dams