International Society for Rock Mechanics (India)

    Aims & Objectives

  • To encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas and information between rock mechanics practitioners in the country

  • To encourage teaching, research and advancement of knowledge in the rock mechanics

  • To promote high standards of professional practice among rock engineers so that civil, mining and petroleum engineering works might be safer, more economic and less disruptive to the environment

  • To hold events periodically on rock mechanics and rock engineering themes of general interest to the majority of the membership

  • To cooperate with international bodies whose aims are complementary to those of the Committee

  • To encourage the preparation of internationally recognized nomenclature, codes of practice, standard tests and procedures

  • To encourage collaboration with and support of international programme in the field of Rock Mechanics including cooperation with other organizations in the activities of common interest

  • To act as a coordinating National Body of International Society of Rock Mechanics, comprising of members in the country concerned with Rock Mechanics